The News Room


Economic & Financial Market Outlook
Quarterly report on the outlook for the Canadian, U.S. and major world economies.


Financial Markets Monthly
Summary of the monthly markets.
——> Related document: Financial Market Forecasts


Provincial Outlook
Quarterly report providing a full forecast of all key indicators for each provincial economy.
——> Related document: Provincial Fiscal Tables 


Nova Scotia Budget 2012
Presenting the updated budget for NS.


Housing Trends and Affordability (released quarterly)
Pinpointing cross-country trends in housing affordability in provincial and major city housing markets.
——> Related document: Latest Housing Market Analysis  (Dec 17, 2012)


Canada’s proposed changes for social services:
——> Old Age Security


Canadian Social Benefits:
——> Employment Insurance (EI)
——> Old Age Security Pension (OAS)
——> Guarantee Income Supplement (GIS) 


New Canadian Mortgage Insurance Rules