Group Employee Benefits

A group employee benefits plan can help you attract and retain valuable employees or members.   Foxgrove Benefit Consulting has specialized in employee benefits and business owner solutions for over 30 years.  We have developed a unique process called Benefits Program Plus™ that is strictly engineered towards the business market and continues to set the standard against which all other employee benefit packages should be measured.  Foxgrove Benefit Consulting is the only company that actively offers Benefits Program Plus™.

Benefits Program Plus™ consists of 5 steps:

  • The Establishment Meeting
    Provides an opportunity for you to evaluate if our program is the right fit for your company.  If the Benefit Program Plus fits your corporate structure, we would then complete a record of appointment letter which authorizes us to negotiate and obtain offers for benefits on your behalf.
  • The “My Plan” Approach
    Provides you with a detailed report that analyzes comparable benefits (upgrade coverage if you choose to do so) along with a cost analysis of what you are currently paying for your employee benefits, to where you could be with our Benefits Program Plus™.
  • The Preventative Maintenance Package
    Foxgrove Benefit Consulting commits to meet on a semi-annual basis to conduct an experience report which is designed to address renewal stability.  Utilizing the Benefits Program Plus™ we will conduct a historical analysis if your benefits have been with the same insurance company for 3 years.  The report generated from the analysis will determine if there is an overpayment of premium.
  • The Key Contributor’s Benefits Plan [optional]
    Provides additional health/dental coverage to key classes of employees (i.e. management) by allowing you to transfer money from your corporation tax-free; also the ability to put in place a Buy/Sell Agreement and Key Person insurance for the purpose of protecting the growth and continuation of your business.  If The Key Contributor’s Benefits Plan is exercised and a claim does not occur, up to 100% of the premiums are refunded tax-free.
  • The Program Plus Resource Centre
    Provides support for any problem concerning the details and administration of your company’s Benefits Program Plus™ plan.  As a complementary value added service for being part of the Benefits Program Plus™, we provide complementary individual consultation to your employees regarding:

    • RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s etc.
    • Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance
    • Preferred Mortgages

We have shown every business owner that we work with how to save money without minimizing employee benefits, take advantage of tax preferred strategies and implement a proper insurance program to protect your future company earnings by insuring owners/key employees against death, disability and critical illness.