Foxgrove Benefit Consulting has been offering quality service for over 30 years and we pride our self on the long term relationships we have established with our clients; our clients have expressed equal feelings towards the on going service we provide….. See what our clients are saying.


When I first sat down with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting, my business and personal insurance needs did not come close to meeting my expectations. I needed someone to analyze and recommend proper coverage’s. Foxgrove Benefit Consulting provided me with the expertise I needed, and came back with an outstanding insurance portfolio addressing all of my personal and business needs. In a very short time later, Foxgrove Benefit Consulting proved itself again with ongoing business concerns and won over the trust of my partner’s insurance needs.
~ Ed, 
Former President & CEO of Vistacare Group of Companies

Since 2008 I have been working with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting covering all of my personal and business financial needs. The world of finance can be a stressful task to cover on ones own; Foxgrove Benefits was able to educate and align me with concepts/products that look after my best interests i.e. tax planning, business succession planning, and retirement planning etc. They did a great job explaining these concepts so that the everyday person can understand. I appreciate that I was referred by a close friend and wouldn’t hesitate to refer friends their way.
~ Andrew, AJY Surgical Services

We’ve been existing clients since 1996, and we continue to enjoy a long term relationship with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting. They have worked with us over the years to help us manage our group and employee benefits plan with great success. Foxgrove Benefit Consulting’s dedication and sincere interest in our day to day business needs was so apparent to us that we have now placed all of our personal insurances and investments under the supervision of Foxgrove.
~ Kelly, 
Walker’s Gas & Electric Ltd.

Since we began working with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting we have been provided nothing but great work and professionalism. Their unique program, the BENEFITS PROGRAM PLUS, provides clarity on the complex issue surrounding employee benefits. Foxgrove’s on going attention to detail highlights that their main concern is looking after OUR best interest. Overall, we are very confident in the unique skills Foxgrove has to offer and wouldn’t hesitate to refer their service.
~ Glenda, Sparkling Pools And Spas

We weren’t satisfied with the service our previous adviser provided. By pure coincidence we were introduced to Foxgrove Benefit Consulting at a time when we needed it the most, their unique program, Benefits Program Plus, provides an established process ensuring proper care and service. We would not hesitate referring other businesses their way.
Annette, Jubilee Road Children’s Centre

We would like to thank Aaron. In so many ways he has not just saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars, he has also shown us great options to save for our future. The products he has access to is mind blowing.

Here is the thing……being in Canada for 16 years and working with quite a few agents/companies/insurance brokers…….Aaron stands out!!!  Why? Because he has many options to present to us and choose from.  He lays out the options in a professional way, highlighted and easy to follow etc. For instance, our previous group insurance was with a company who only pushes one product.  After switching to Aaron’s company, his analysis helped us save tens of thousands of dollars.

Here is another thing about Aaron.  He is so thorough, which of course is how it should be. But again….he is one of a kind in this matter.  I am not sure how he manages it, but you will always get a summary of your meeting the next day, a reminder of the information the client has to gather etc.  His presentations are beautiful. These days it’s hard to find people who work with such high ethics, and constant excellence.

My husband and myself will recommend him to anyone, which we are doing to all our loved ones and friends, because we know we are doing them a huge favor financially.

Thanks again Aaron

~ Danita & Jacobus, United Dental Lab Ltd. 


I have been a client of Foxgrove Benefit Consulting since 1996, and was impressed with the work concerning executive disability insurance and key-person insurance for my company. Both Terry and I made a decision at that point to move all of our investments, as we feel that Foxgrove has a better understanding of our business and personal retirement needs.
~ Kelly & Terry

I was introduced to Foxgrove Benefit Consulting during the past year, and truly feel that my family’s life has been changed in a positive way forever. Before Foxgrove Benefit Consulting, our financial picture was bleak, and we were just getting by. I always felt that we could do better. Foxgrove Benefit Consulting introduced us to debt consolidation, and one low interest rate for all of our debts. This allowed us to get on a program and pay off all of our debts including our mortgage eight years earlier than planned, thanks to Manulife One. On top of reducing our debt load quickly, our family has more disposable income each month to do the things we want to do for our children.
~ Amber & Robert

I became acquainted with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting and am truly thankful for the time and expertise that they provided to get my insurance needs in order. Once it was explained to me about debt consolidation and income protection for my family, I was able to purchase the right insurance products to cover these needs. Having purchased Life Insurance, Critical Illness and additional coverage to address income loss, and the costs associated with it, eased budget concerns when I discovered the return of premiums for most of these plans can be part of my financial planning for retirement
~ Keith & Bonita

This past year we have worked with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting to develop plans that will pay our mortgage down faster, allow us to protect our investments in a cost efficient way and review and diversify our investment planning to better suit our current budget and future financial requirements.  In the past we have trusted banks with our investment and insurance needs and in return, have received little guidance and even less information.

Foxgrove Benefit Consulting have invested their time and energy in educating us properly about several different investment and insurance options so we were able to choose the financial products that best suit the needs of our family now and in the future.  Their flexibility to work with our busy work schedules has made it easy to find time to get these important changes made.  We believe the changes that we have decided to make, based on Foxgrove’s recommendations relative to our family’s needs, are a big step towards achieving our financial goals.

We look forward to many years working with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting and we don’t hesitate to recommend them to others as very knowledgeable and trustworthy financial advisers.
~ Carolyn & Shawn

I was ready to convert my RRSP but was confused by the different avenues possible. Foxgrove outlined the alternatives written in plain language and went over them verbally with me, helping to choose the best product for a comfortable retirement. Also they introduced me to other products for long-term care that I am now considering. I continue to appreciate their consideration and reliability.
~ Elizabeth

As a ‘First-time-home-buyer’ I knew I had a difficult task ahead of me. Fortunately I was able to rely on the professional services of Foxgrove Benefit Consulting to help minimize the task at hand, particularly the process of using the ‘Home Buyers Plan’ through my RRSP. Unlike many other financial institutions Foxgrove tailored a mortgage program around my goals, not sell me just any generic product. They also tailored a life insurance program that not only protected my family, but enhanced my investment portfolio at the same time. I’m glad to work with, and continue working with Foxgrove as I know their main concern is looking after my best interest.
~ Josh & Naomi

What a pleasure it is working with Aaron (Foxgrove Benefit Consulting). Since the first meeting with Aaron, we have been impressed with his knowledge, organization of information, follow ups for meetings, etc. After seeing all other products they offer, my husband and I have renewed our mortgage and started RESP’s for grandsons as well. The company I currently work for has moved their employee benefits package to Aaron (Foxgrove Benefit Consulting). Many thanks to you Aaron (Foxgrove Benefit Consulting) for getting us on a great financial path in life.
~ Cathy & Gary

My wife and I are extremely happy regarding our dealings with Aaron and Foxgrove Benefits. At very short notice, Aaron was able to connect us with a mortgage lender that offered us a better deal than the banks. He also did a great job sorting out our various insurance needs and making sure we understood everything. Making himself available outside regular office hours was also a great help. I’d happily recommend Foxgrove Benefits to friends and family.
~ Brian & Laura

My experience with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting has been so helpful. Aaron discussed our options in a very clear manor that made things easy to understand. He has been in regular contact with us throughout this process and continues to ensure we have a clear understanding of our financial future. Thank you Aaron.
~ Shannon & Colin

We invested with Aaron at Foxglove Benefits in Dec. 08, after a dismal showing with one of the major banks. We were quick to realize we made the right move as we watched the return on our investment double that of the banks. We were also pleased with how easy it was to reach Aaron with any questions or concerns.

We recommend Aaron without hesitation to all of our friends and family.
~ Donald & Catherine