I was introduced to Foxgrove Benefit Consulting during the past year, and truly feel that my family’s life has been changed in a positive way forever. Before Foxgrove Benefit Consulting, our financial picture was bleak, and we were just getting by. I always felt that we could do better. Foxgrove Benefit Consulting introduced us to debt consolidation, and one low interest rate for all of our debts. This allowed us to get on a program and pay off all of our debts including our mortgage eight years earlier than planned, thanks to Manulife One. On top of reducing our debt load quickly, our family has more disposable income each month to do the things we want to do for our children.
~ Amber White & Robert Rossong

I became acquainted with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting and am truly thankful for the time and expertise that they provided to get my insurance needs in order. Once it was explained to me about debt consolidation and income protection for my family, I was able to purchase the right insurance products to cover these needs. Having purchased Life Insurance, Critical Illness and additional coverage to address income loss, and the costs associated with it, eased budget concerns when I discovered the return of premiums for most of these plans can be part of my financial planning for retirement
~ Keith & Bonita Meade


This past year we have worked with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting to develop plans that will pay our mortgage down faster, allow us to protect our investments in a cost efficient way and review and diversify our investment planning to better suit our current budget and future financial requirements.  In the past we have trusted banks with our investment and insurance needs and in return, have received little guidance and even less information.

Foxgrove Benefit Consulting have invested their time and energy in educating us properly about several different investment and insurance options so we were able to choose the financial products that best suit the needs of our family now and in the future.  Their flexibility to work with our busy work schedules has made it easy to find time to get these important changes made.  We believe the changes that we have decided to make, based on Foxgrove’s recommendations relative to our family’s needs, are a big step towards achieving our financial goals.

We look forward to many years working with Foxgrove Benefit Consulting and we don’t hesitate to recommend them to others as very knowledgeable and trustworthy financial advisers.
~ Carolyn & Shawn Cherry


I was ready to convert my RRSP but was confused by the different avenues possible. Foxgrove outlined the alternatives written in plain language and went over them verbally with me, helping to choose the best product for a comfortable retirement. Also they introduced me to other products for long-term care that I am now considering. I continue to appreciate their consideration and reliability.
~ Elizabeth Fearon

We invested with Aaron at Foxglove Benefits in Dec. 08, after a dismal showing with one of the major banks.

We were quick to realize we made the right move as we watched the return on our investment double that of the banks. We were also pleased with how easy it was to reach Aaron with any questions or concerns.

We recommend Aaron without hesitation to any of our friends and family.
~ Donald & Catherine Munroe

My wife and I are completely satisfied with the professional management of our investment portfolio by Aaron MacDonald of Foxgrove Benefit Consulting since 2012. Aaron explains our investments as well as how the market activities apply to us in terms we can understand.

The success of our investment portfolio is evidence of Aaron’s attention to the markets and how it relates to our portfolio.

Thank you Aaron, I would highly recommend you as a financial planner/advisor.
~ John & Carolyn Power

Aaron and the folks at Foxgrove Benefit Consulting are easy to talk to, well informed, and most importantly take the time to understand their client’s needs so they can provide the right advice.

Whenever I hear someone I know renewing their mortgage, having struggles with their financial adviser, or behind with their retirement savings, I recommend Foxgrove Benefit Consulting. I know they will be impressed, because I have been.
~ Keith & Ashley Estey

Our advisor Aaron MacDonald was very personable and knowledgeable. He did a wonderful job of providing us with the information we needed in order for us to make decisions regarding our finances.

Thank you Aaron and Foxgrove.
~ Jacob & Charlotte Risk